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Radio Don Bosco
Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - 17:48
The commissioner of the revenue authority in Tonj reveals that his office collected twenty million South Sudanese Pounds from taxation since the state government institution was established.
Tito Sigin Ayii says that revenue authority collected the money in 2018 amidst the challenges.
He told Don Bosco Radio that institutions will be supported financially if they present their work plans, 
Sigin mentions that one of the executive chiefs gave two hundred and ten thousand SSP at the Boma Level to the state and it will be used for service delivery.
The Commissioner stresses that there are some counties which contribute more money to the Revenue Authority office than the others.
The commissioner explains that if the money collected is misused, those caught will be summoned by the State Assembly and prosecuted.
The Commissioner of Revenue Authority made the statement to Don Bosco Radio on Monday in Tonj.

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