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Alex Daniel Digi-CRN
Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - 17:30
Nearly seven thousand internally displaced persons or IDPs from Nagero County have arrived in Tambura town and are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. This is according to authorities in the state.
Relief and Rehabilitation Commission in Tambura confirms that within the last three weeks, they have registered nearly seven thousand individuals who fled the fighting in Nagero County, Tombura state, most of whom are women and children.
Moris Bangire says the IDPs are in dire need of shelter, medicine, food and drinking water among others.
“The accident took place in Nagero since [May] 17, 2018, and we received them here on 27th. So, the registration started whereby up to date we registered about 6 thousand, six hundred and seventy four individuals, with one thousand and six household. While many of them are still coming, we are still registering them." Bagire explains.
One of the IDPs, Natale Claudio, attests that dozens of civilians have been killed and some others are still missing in the bush.
He says the armed group has destroyed their farms and burnt down their houses
“My grandfather and aunt are still missing in the bush and we don’t know if they are still alive or killed. All our property has been burned down. Now our kids are here and there is no school for them. If government or some NGOs here could allow them to join schools here in Tambura that will be good.” Claudio nurrates.
Head of the humanitarian organizations, Jackson Khambele, who arrived in Tombura to assess the situation, confirms that there is need for quick intervention to assist the IDPs.
“We managed to discuss with the IDPs we can confirmed that they are still coming.IDPs have raised concern about the health, shelter and need for food as well as other needs that the humanitarian has assessed. And we will keep assessing and any response which should be available”. he said
There were reports of series of fighting between armed groups and government forces in Nagero County. 
Officials in Tombura State confirmed that the Country Commissioner and the Executive Director are still missing and their whereabouts are still unknown.

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