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Radio Good News
Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - 10:01

The Ghazal United Football Club on Sunday appointed new leaders in Rumbek, Western Lakes State.

According to Radio Good News, the new appointed Chairperson, Mapuor Marial Paweer, appreciates the management and those who turned up for the inauguration.

He stresses that sports activities are very important that connect the country to the world and create peace among young people.

Paweer urges his players to put more efforts to move forward.

Abraham Maker Gol encourages youth to take football as profession and continue with their studies.

He adds that education and sports go concurrently in life.

Local Football Association Chairperson, Ater Deng Mabok, also appreciates the members for organizing the event.

Guest of Honour Makur Mabor Yuol appeals to clubs managers to discipline and train players well to excel in their sports activity.

He calls upon the Football Association to introduce other sports activities like tennis, Rugby, handball and other athletics to bring in many people to participate.


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