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Wednesday, May 16, 2018 - 16:49
Authorities in Tambura state say unknown numbers of people have gone missing after armed men attack five vehicles travelling along Tambura-Yambio road on Monday. 
Tambura state Information Minister, Anikumbo Mathew Eme says a convoy of three vehicles of World Vision organization and two other private vehicles were heading to Yambio when they fall into ambush.
He says armed men kidnapped all passengers who were in the vehicles including some local youth in the area of Yangiri County.
“I confirmed the incident which took place yesterday involving three vehicles with World Vision with World Vision staff and also some nun staff and other two vehicles, making a total of five, which went into ambush yesterday [Monday] around Yangiri area. The unknown gunmen believed to be rebel from the bush decided to abduct all the people, the passengers and took them to the bush” he said.
The Minister says according to sources in Yambio town, out of those kidnapped only (4) people managed to escape and went to Yambio.
Matthew says the government of Tambura state is in control of the situation and they have deployed more security along Tambura-Yambio road to protect the movement of civilians. He called on the relatives of kidnapped people to remain calm as the security are working to find the where about of the missing people.
“We want to assure, especially the family of those who are abducted that the government is working hard to ensure that these people are out safely, and we will continue to ensure [that] our travellers are protected, and we are already working in contingents plan on how to keep the road safe to Yambio” 
At least (10) aid workers have been abducted last month by armedmen around Morobo of Yei River state but later released after spending a week in the bush and were tranfered to Juba through ICRC.
One of the drivers who ask to remain anonymous for fear of his security, says the insecurity along Tambura-Yambio road might affect his business. He called on the government to ensure roads are safe and accessible for trades to supply goods to the people in the area.
“It is very difficult for me get customers right now because customers are fearing to go to Yambio because of the insecurity on the road” he explained.
Efforts to contact World Vision Organization for more update on the story went unsuccessful.

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