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Tuesday, May 15, 2018 - 15:47
Kauda is experiencing extreme lack of fuel amid growing economic crisis in the Nuba Mountains and the whole Sudan.
The lack of fuel is being blamed on the rising dollar which is hampering imports in the country.
Citizens who spoke to Voice of Peace Radio in the town of Kauda in Heiban County say work is on standstill because of the lack of fuel.
A mechanic, Al Edin Mohammed says it was the first time Kauda had to experience total lack of fuel.
Driver, Mohammed Abdallah, expresses dismay over the move and laments that no services will be carried out and that the crisis has negatively affected citizens.
Many citizens lament that there was a serious worry in the region because of the lack of fuel to carry on activities.
A bottle of fuel rose from 1500 SSP to 3000 SSP.

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