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Don Bosco Radio
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 - 15:42
Reduction of marriage price is the only thing that will bring peace among communities as many conflicts are caused by cattle raiding, say listeners of Don Bosco Radio.
One the regular callers Deng for Good says parents should decrease the dowry in communities across the country to avoid losing of life everyday as a result of cattle raiding.
He says that understanding each other should be considered in marriage not more cows.
The caller encourages parents to be careful in demanding dowry prices because it may lead to poor family management and there will be no respect between the two families.
Akok Mayildit emphasizes on the decrease of the high dowry in all communities to reduce cattle theft and rampart killing in the society.
The listeners call on the state government to put in the strong rules on the marriage payment in South Sudan especially communities that marry with cows.
They speakers talked to Don Bosco Radio on Monday during the Morning Tea Program.

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