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Tuesday, May 15, 2018 - 15:29
The priest in the Catholic Diocese of Torit says “Jesus Christ chose human being as friends to reveal all things about the Almighty Father and the kingdom of heaven.
Leonsio Omina, Parish Priest of St Peter and Paul Cathedral, says Jesus reveals the kingdom of heaven to show that Christians and God are united through the blood of Christ.
He says although the life of many Christians do not reflect that of Christ, He still reveal to us all things about his Father as part of his kingdom
Christ expects Christians to do good things on earth to please his Father in Heaven, says Fr Omina, 
He says current Christian life does not reflect that of those, who became Saints.
The priest urges Christians to pray to God to change their lifestyles so that Saints may emerge in the world’s youngest nation.
He was preaching to St Peter and Paul Congregations in Torit on Sunday.

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