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Don Bosco Radio
Monday, May 14, 2018 - 17:35
Many women and girls are suffering from all acts of gender-based violence that have resulted in physical, sexual and economic harm in Tonj State.
Speaking to Don Bosco Radio, Mary Amel Wol, a young lady testifies that violence against women and girls including rape, defilement and beating affect them.
She mentions that a 35-year man raped a girl of fourteen years old in the area.
The lady adds that the girl is undergoing treatment, but it is too difficult to heal.
Amel urges the government of Tonj State to facilitate gender violence survivors’ access to justice.
She also appeals for the eradication of beating of women and maintaining of equal education.
The lady calls for empowerment of women and girls to boost economic development of South Sudan.
Women and girls are suffering in South Sudan because many people believe that men are superiors to women, she discloses.

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