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Friday, April 20, 2018 - 16:30
A group of chiefs from Dinka and Nuer call on their tribesmen to unite for peace in order to end the ongoing conflict in the country.
A chief from Northern Liech State Charles Modon says the two tribes need to work out their indifferences, reconcile and live together.
Many innocent lives have been lost in this fighting which could be resolved without the need to mobilize youth to battle each other, he stresses.
He adds that the ongoing conflict is not for tribal benefits, but for self-interest of other politicians.
Chief Monica Ajak Awour of Gok State in Greater Lakes appeals to women to push hard for peace and avoid speaking on tribal lines.
Women are tired of conflict and are calling for peace in the country, she says.
Both chiefs spoke during a Nuer-Dinka peace and reconciliation conference on Wednesday in Juba.
It is a Four-day meeting that started on Tuesday, ended on Friday evening.

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