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Thursday, April 19, 2018 - 17:34
Police has reunified four children who were kidnapped on Monday morning at Gudele in Juba.
The incident occurred after a woman with a small black car was spotted with kids in the area.
Eyewitnesses say the children were found playing near their homes when the unknown woman allegedly deceived them with some sweets.
The woman put them in her car and drove them to customs market where she handed them to some men.
Nunu Ferida,a mother of the three-year-old child says her child was later found on Tuesday in one of the police stations.
Looking worried, she says the children escaped narrowly while crying in the car before they were taken to police by some concerned business people.
Ferida’s landlady who brought home the kidnapped child from police station is urging the government to investigate such cases and punish perpetrators.
Fatina Abdalla, another depressed mother, whose seven-year-old child was among the kidnapped children, says she was at work place when her neighbor told her about the incident.
She says she is afraid of what will happen to her children in the near future and therefore is urging the government to look more into the issue.
Angelina Atim, another happy mother, whose child was amongst those rescued, says it was God’s power that helped in finding the kids.
She notes that the three children were returned homes on the same day in the evening, after they were taken to a police station.
But the other child was brought home on Tuesday.
She appreciates the efforts of the police for reunifying them with their children.
The mothers talked to CRN in an interview, but the children were not present to talk.

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