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Radio Easter
Tuesday, April 17, 2018 - 12:13
Parish Priest of Christ the King Cathedral of Catholic Diocese of Yei is appealing to everybody to change their mentalities and attitudes.
Fr Tom Poru Martin warns that if people did not change their approaches, they will be leading life to dead.
The Parish Priest asks the congregation to abandon what is holding them from doing something good.
“Let us learn today in Yei and South Sudan to leave the culture of violence, let us respect human life, let us respect human blood, we are children of God created in His image to live in freedom, dignity and peace”, appeals Fr Poru.
Let those who continue killing people in the armed opposition and government controlled areas know that they are doing crimes against humanity and exposing wickedness, the priest points out.
Fr Tom Poru Martin was preaching on Sunday at Christ the King Cathedral Yei while presiding mass in English to the faithful.

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