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Don Bosco Radio
Monday, April 16, 2018 - 10:06
The Minister of Agriculture, Animal Resources, Fisheries and Forestry in Tonj discourages the use of mosquito nets for fishing in the area.
Angelo Deng Magol confirms that using such nets for fishing is totally wrong because it kills every living thing in the water.
He adds that a ministerial order has been passed to regulate the use of monsquito nets and cutting down of grass in the river.
Deng stresses that the fish hides arround the grass in the river, but some people cut them away.
The minister says his Ministry is working hard to see that fishermen stop using nets.
He says River Tonj, Wanh-alel and the Greater Akop are fish producing areas.
Deng notes that insecurity in the state has reduced fish production this year.
The minister spoke on Friday in Tonj.

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