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Saturday, April 14, 2018 - 13:21
Torit State Director General for Local Government and Law Enforcement Agencies has announced that there will be new leadership for the Council of Traditional Authorities Leaders, or COTAL soon.
Mustapha Albino Zachariah adds that elections for the new leaders will convene as soon as the Ministry meets the financial requirements. 
“The complete organ is vacant, now we don’t have the council as I told you. The council of Traditional Authority is a separate and independent counsel from the customary law chiefs.This is why I say the whole, the whole council is vacant. We have an appointee as a chairperson but”.
Albino also reveals that the COTAL Act 2011 is now outdated, stressing on the need for amendment before reaching the council of Ministers and the parliament.
He calls for peaceful co-existence among diverse traditional set-ups for the betterment of the State and the country in general.
“It is very important for us because we are all here for peace, we are all for peaceful co-existence between the tribes and we have to assimilate and accept one another because we are coming from different traditional and customary set-up. We have to accept and we have to understand. This is why the chiefs have to be drawn from all the counties from Nimule to LOPA and from Far East to Lowoi”.
The Director General was speaking to Radio Emmanuel in Torit on Wednesday.

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