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Saturday, April 14, 2018 - 13:14
The Governor of Gbudue State has on Thursday suspended crackdown on what the ministry of Local Government termed as “irresponsible” dressing in Yambio.
The suspension came after the minister of Local government and low enforcement earlier this week directed all the heads of organized forces to search for those dressing irresponsible and those with unreasonable shaving style in the town.
But Daniel Badagbu Rimbasa, the Governor of Gbudue State condemns the initiative, citing that the order was not implemented in a right way.
He says his target was under age children not to attend discos and be exposed to prostitution in the state.
Governor Badagbu adds that he is now working on a bill that will give a provision to the law to punish underage girls practicing prostitution. But he says it will first start with civic education and massive awareness.
The governor warns young people not to involve themselves in drinking alcohol and stop attending night clubs.
He urges women to learn how to dress decently to maintain the integrity and dignity of the state.
On Tuesday this week dozens of civilians including all the foreign nationals residing in the town were detained in Yambio for several hours before they were released and warned not to put on indecent dressing styles again.
The detention brought about different public reactions where others welcome the move while others condemned the way it was conducted.

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