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Saturday, April 14, 2018 - 12:58
At least four SPLA soldiers were wounded on Thursday during fresh clashes with opposition forces loyal to Riek Machar in Northern Liech state.
Northern Liech state information Minister, Lam Tuguar confirms that government forces clashed with forces loyal to Riek Machar between Bentiu and Nhialdhiu.
Tungwar claims SPLA forces were provoked by the opposition several times that is why, government has to attack them.
“We actually proved right on date 11, [April] when they actually attacked the convoy of SPLA sent by the government of Northern Liech to go and check on Nhialdiu and that clashes actually have to be pursued by the government forces. Until now we got their own safe heaven where they usually leave. Now that living place has been destroyed completely and now they are on a run.” Minster explained
Tungwar is accusing SPLA-IO rebels of denying aid workers access to vulnerable populations in the area.
“Endangering the humanitarian workers is also something that is not acceptable; causing insecurity to the civil population is also not acceptable. And attacking government positions and forces is also [an] abuse of Cessation of Hostilities] agreement. He claimed. So, in self-defense, we have to defend ourselves as a government.”
SPLA-IO Deputy Military spokesperson Colonel Lam Paul Gabriel denies his group was behind the attack, adding the SPLA-IO would never stand in the way of aid workers helping people in need.
“Humanitarian workers always help the suffering population, the suffering civilians. And these people are mostly found in our areas of control, because they don’t have access to cities like Juba, they cannot go to buy to things in the markets. So, they survive entirely on humanitarian agencies.” Gabriel said.
Both Gabriel and Tunguar claim they are holding the Cessation of Hostilities signed in December last year.

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