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Radio Emmanuel
Friday, April 13, 2018 - 10:14
The president of High Court in Torit state is calling for basic legal knowledge and skills training for chiefs in the country to ease facilitation of the work.
Judge Ubac Denyong Anyong says training local chiefs about the law helps bridge the gap between law actors, Emmanuel Radio reports.
South Sudan has insufficient judges, making ruling procedures difficult or delay, he points out.
Judge Denyong urges development partners to support train chiefs on considerable and procedural law so as to be equip with knowledge on the laws of South Sudan.
He further advises local chiefs to commit themselves in ensuring laws and order are protected and maintain in grassroot levels.
He acknowledges the hardships Chiefs endure amidst crisis in the country
Mean while Ukidimoi Ugura, Torit State Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement says his ministry plans to review the council of traditional authority leaders or COTAL Act.
He believes reviewing COTAL Act will help strengthen chiefs and law actors in exercising rule of law in Torit state.
The officials were addressing chiefs during a closing of five-day workshop of traditional leaders organizes by UNDP in Torit on Saturday.

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