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Friday, April 13, 2018 - 10:04
Three people have been injured in Kauda of Hieban County after a group of men attacked their fellows with guns and knives.
Zaki Natambe Jaru Mondo, 33-year-old was attacked by his in-laws on Saturday evening. 
He was shot in the upper arm and also suffered knife wounds on the other parts of the body.
Natambe who divorced his wife says the court had granted him the right to return his dowry but the in-laws seem to have refused the decision.
The other two people, a woman and a man were injured by a grenade explosion. 
The young man says he exploded grenade when the situation was out of control.
He notes that his health his improving at the Mother of Mercy Hospital and calls on his relatives to be calm. 
Natambe explains that the case should be resolved through legal procedures.
The men who carried out the attack are in police custody.
However the two people injured by grenade were not immediately available for comment.

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