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Easter Radio
Thursday, April 12, 2018 - 17:18
There is a need to carry out awareness to inform people about child rights and how to take care of the orphans, says Director-General in Yei River State Ministry of Information, Youth and Sports.
Lee Lemi Elias says tradition demands that parents have the first responsibility to take care of their children’s rights, Easter Radio reports.
He reiterates that the situation of conflicts in families, communities and the country always subjects some children and people to vulnerability.
There is need to have integrative approach of children who are disadvantaged, according to Amule Felix Director-General for Education of Yei River State.
Families and clans of disadvantaged children should visit the kids in the orphanage, he stresses.
Felix urges authorities to also allow children to go for holiday with their family members.
Mama Awa Adam, Yei River County Chairlady, reveals a plan to on how to adopt a child at all levels.
The participants were talking at the closing section of the workshop organized by Children of War and Hope on Wednesday in Yei.

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