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Radio Don Bosco
Thursday, April 12, 2018 - 12:08
Police officer in Tonj State says he receives many stealing cases in his office every day.
Albino Mathok says number of theft cases increased this month due to economic crisis across the nation which made people to dependent on others, Don Bosco Radio reports.
The officer urges those who are lonely to go and take their relatives, sons or daughters so as to help them secure their houses from theft.
He stresses that taking care of public property is a collective responsibility of police and civilians.
Mathok urges all communities to take good care of their property.
Nyur chimiir, one of the traders in Tonj Town, says two days ago some thieves stole his new shoes, but he managed to catch them.
He adds that his friends’ money was stolen from the restaurant.
Chimiir notes that there were some people putting on police uniform and start stealing people’s property.
The officer urges all departments to respect military uniform.
The speakers made their remarks to Don Bosco Radio on Monday in Tonj.

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