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Radio Emmanuel
Friday, March 23, 2018 - 09:18
The Public Health Officer of Torit Municipal Council in Imotong State is enforcing people working in hotels and restaurants to obtain health cards to fulfill health laws.
Ben Kalisto says the purpose of issuing health cards is to ensure that people working in the inns or eating places are medically fit.
The officer says they will issue health cards twice a year because in the course of the first six months someone may had been already infected.
The workers will go with cards to the hospital for medical check up to find out their health status, he explains.
Kalisto says the health card is for everyone selling edible things despite sizes of the businesses the persons are operating.
He urges hotels, restaurants owners and others food sellers to cooperate with concerned authorities in order to reduce the spread of diseases through food and drinks to the customers.
Ben Kalisto was talking to Emmanuel Radio in Torit on Tuesday.

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