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Thursday, March 22, 2018 - 15:53
Civil Society Voluntary Taskforce Chairman says they recorded developments in the implementation of the ceasefire agreement.
Rajab Muhandis notes that one of the developments realized was when South Sudanese came together for the revitalization of the agreement.
The second progress is that the Ceasefire Transitional Monitoring Mechanism or CTSAMM was able to mention in its second report, violators of ceasefire agreement and the areas where breaches took place, he explains.
Muhandis says the reports indicate that there were confrontations between government and armed opposition forces loyal to Dr Riek Machar.
He notes that the violators are yet to face consequences that IGAD announced in its statement of January.
IGAD should follow up its statement where violators get punished by banning their travels, freezing assets and denying entrance of guns, demands Taskforce leader.
Early this week, IGAD Council of Ministers says it is disappointed over the continue violations of Secession of Hostitlies Agreement by both governemnt and the opposition. the statement says that both parties have failed to name groups and individual perpertrators who are violating the agreement.
Both the goverenmnt and the opposition deny of being involved in the violations and exchange accusation over the matter.

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