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Saturday, March 17, 2018 - 14:14
The Speaker of Imotong State legislative assembly is calling for dissemination of land act to avoid conflict among communities who are disagreeing over land boundaries in Torit.
Charles Odwar Ukech, says land conflicts among Torit communities occur because citizens are not informed about land act. 
He observes that communities in Torit are conflicting due to unclear boundaries.
“We need good understanding among these four or five communities in terms of land so that the government can now continue with the services”
Odwar believes if communities are aware of the land laws, disputes over land will reduce.
Odwar says, Land act 2009 clearly stipulates the type of land and the role of citizens in land demarcation.
“Once the people their clear responsibilities and what type of land is there responsibility, then people can resolve some of these issue between the community and the government”
The speaker says, the government will only intervene in service delivery when communities agree among themselves on ownership of land.
Odwar calls on all the citizens to depart from boarder issues and put hands together for the development of the state.

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