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Wednesday, March 14, 2018 - 13:06
National women parliamentary caucus has launched a strategic plan, to enhance women leadership and political participation in South Sudan.
Speaker of national assembly Anthony Lino Makana told Radio Bakhita that it is government’s policy to have affirmative action to cater for women.
He reaffirms the need to empower women with skills to have effective participation in governance.
Mr. Makana later applauds women for launching the strategy to increase their leadership.
“So this is an encouragement to women, and we want this role model for women, to be developed right from schools and homes. So we need to train mothers and fathers that by enhancing women and developing them, that doesn’t mean we are doing away with men. No. What men are doing is only fifty percent of what is required for, by this country. By us developing women, the other redundant fifty percent, is being developed now. So when women roles are developed and enhanced, then there will be hundred percent of the utilization of resources of this country”.
Deputy Chairperson of women parliamentary caucus, Margret Samuel, says the strategy is going to empower women of the Republic of South Sudan at all levels.
“This book is going to help women at all levels of the Republic of South Sudan because it will give them the skills of leadership and principles of accountability and good governance”.
 Norwegian Special Envoy for Women, Peace and Security Marita Sorheim-Rensvik says she is inspired by the women of South Sudan on their determination for more inclusion.
“I have been so inspired since I came. I have heard about these strong women of South Sudan. I have been listening to them and hearing how they want to make that difference the conversation with them is how they want to move this forward. I am quite certain right now as you’re working to increase the presentation of women at all levels, that I met a lot of women who will fill some of these positions”.
The strategic plan was organized by EVE women’s group with funds from the Norwegian government.

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