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Tuesday, March 13, 2018 - 15:29
The deputy chair for the South Sudan law society is calling for further recruitment of women in security sectors so as to equally help to protect the law.
Justice Ajonyie Prepeto says this will bring about positive change in the country. Emmanuel Radio reports.
Ajonyie urges all security sectors to provide annual leave for their forces so as they could have time with their families
//women have to be recruited and they have to appreciate to be recruited in all the five security sectors which should be twenty percent of beyond twenty five percent, if it can be our prayer is if it is more so this is a prayer though the law says over two third but a prayer if you engage in more women in the security sector may be things may change in all the sectors another beautiful thing is about the right to have a leave like prison service wild life you can have holidays in a year//
Justice Ajonyie says it is unfair for a security officer to work for ten years without getting a leave or even attending to his family.
//It destroys the structure of a family and many complains arouse and women themselves who are also in the sector of security they complain a lot about dividing them from their husbands and taking different locations//
“Security institution should not be an institution which destroys families and separates people causing divorce, Ajonyie adds
The official made the remarks during the two days consultative meeting at Torit Hotel over the weekend.

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