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Tuesday, March 13, 2018 - 15:23
Nzara County Commissioner, Elia Richard Box says people in Nzara are seriously preparing their land for cultivation a head of rain season this year.
He says with the current economic crises in the country, people can only fight it through agriculture. Anisa Radio reports.
Commissioner Box thanked the state governor, Daniel Badagbu Rimbasa for prioritizing peace which has being realized in the state.
Roads have been opened in the residential areas and currently they are constructing a Cultural centre with funds from the Equatoria Teak Company 
He however warns that over cutting of trees in the area can result into climate change in the state
The official says, Equatoria Teak Company is tackling this by cutting trees and then replacing them.
He also said that the state Ministry of Health is very supportive to Nzara County and donated an ambulance to St Theresa Hospital in Nzara.


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