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Don Bosco Radio
Saturday, March 10, 2018 - 11:46
Tonj state citizen on Thursday joined the rest of the world to celebrate the international women’s day.
Thousands of people gathered at Tonj freedom square and government officials gave speeches, artists performed and many other activities. Don Bosco Radio reports.
The occasion brought together all the leaders and population to share their happiness with their women and daughters
Minister of Gender and Social Development, Mabil Ater says the day is to recognize mothers all over the world not only South Sudan.
Minister Ater describes the day as a day of every one not only women.
The international day is to honest the right of mothers who suffer to liberate the country: he adds.
Abuk Agok the acting chair lady appreciates UNMISS team for organizing the day well.
Madam Ajok Lino UNIMISS team representative urges government to cooperate with the partner together to recognize women’s international day in the country every year.
Manhiem Bol Malek the dupty governor expresses his gratitude by appreciating the mothers who struggle to achieve their rights.
Honest the day with joy Malek appeals to the mothers.
The officials were addressing the audience at Tonj freedom square on Thursday during women’s international day.

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