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Saturday, March 10, 2018 - 09:14
Priests in the Catholic Diocese of Torit are advising the Apostolic Administrator to denounce rumors and focus on development of the Church.
Fr Leunsio Omina encourages Monsignor Thomas Oliha never to be scared by the attitude of those against the progress of the church. Emmanuel Radio reports.
Fr Omina also encourages the Apostolic Administrator not to listen to those who talk against other people’s duties.
He however stresses on the need for the implementation of the ongoing formation for Priests in the diocese.
Fr Omina notes that the ongoing formation of Priests helps the clergy to improve their contribution to the development of the Church, stressing that no one is perfect intellectually.
Fr Jackino Lomogo, Parish Priest of Saints Peter and Paul’s Cathedral, cheers Apostolic Administrator to act like a father to his children in the house.
Fr Lomogo says, many people have witnessed all the good deeds implemented by Monsignor Oliha, encouraging him to continue with the good work.
The Priests were speaking during the ongoing Annual Diocesan General Assembly Meeting of the Catholic Diocese of Torit on Wednesday in Torit town.

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