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Anisa Radio
Saturday, February 24, 2018 - 08:23
The Rural Development Action Aid Organization or RDAA is to rehabilitate Tambura West Water supply to ease access to pure drinking water for citizens.
Wanga Emmanuel coordinator for RDAA says equipment for rehabilitating the water supply has already reached Gangura check point in Gbudue State and then will be transported to Tambura State in the coming days. Anisa Radio reports. 
Wanga points out that most people in Tambura State finds it hard to get clean drinking water for human consumption and domestic use that’s why they have stepped up to help the community.
He appreciates the Tambura State Ministry of Physical Infrastructure for their cooperation in the success of this project.
Wanga calls on the people to always value the efforts of the NGOs who are working hard to bring services closer to the people.

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