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Radio Emmanuel
Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 08:36
A lawyer in Imotong state decries of shortage of advocates in the state which he says has deprived majority from accessing justice in the courts of law.
Jada Andrew stresses that a number of serious cases like land disputes among others have died out within communities without being defended because lawyers are limited hence limited access to justice. Emmanuel Radio reports.
“I would admit that in Imotong state we do not have enough advocates. As partners in the justice chain, advocates have a very big role to play. A person being tried especially those with serious offenses they must ensure that they have advocates and if they are not able to have; the government should give one. Especially those being tried for murder he or she should be properly represented because if there is no advocate it will look a little bit unfair” he explains
He says people have resorted to local compensations that have promoted a lot of cheating in communities.
Andrew further urges law students to work hard and step up to serve justice to the people of Imotong state.
Jada Andrew was speaking in an exclusive interview with radio Emmanuel on the understanding of law and justice within Imotong sate.

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