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Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 08:34
The chairperson of the civil society network in Eastern Equatoria says they are aware of the problems facing South Sudanese and all need to be faced according to their priorities.
Charles Okulu says they are more concerned with the ongoing revitalization process in Addis Ababa that would benefit South Sudanese citizens. Emmanuel Radio reports.
“We the civil society network in Eastern Equatoria based on our neutrality and non-partisanship are not in position to participate in issues like arms embargo in South Sudan in our state. We have unanimously agreed that is outside our mandate we talk on important matters that affect the public.”, Okulu said.
Okulu says South Sudan leadership should rather combine efforts with stake holders and work together on the effectiveness of the Secession of Hostilities which will lead to realization of peace in the country.
“First of all people want the guns to be silence, people need to be psychologically rehabilitated because they are scared of gunshots, people are yarning for peace. Ahead of us, he said is the agreement going on in Addis Ababa everyone whether young or old even our government officials let us come together and sensitize people on what is going on in Addis Ababa especially on the secession of hostilities if we want the guns to be silent then we don’t need it”. He added.
He further adds that all efforts should be directed towards the common good of everyone including those in the grassroots.
Okulu notes that the long war has already created more harm than good. “Many people have lost their lives; there are many widows and orphans in this country. Doing an activity that will not enhance but instead provoke suffering is not the option” he added 
Charles Okulu was reacting towards the demonstration carried out on Friday in Torit against the arms restriction imposed on South Sudan by the American government.

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