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Tuesday, February 13, 2018 - 16:45
Imatong state Minister of Education is telling candidates sitting for South Sudan National Exams to have confident in their work
While addressing candidates in Torit on Monday, Hassen Urbano Alex, says final examination is not too difficult when students are friend to their books. Emmanuel Radio reports.
"The number of the questions that you will answer it will determine your percentage if you answer 90% of the question of each paper your result will be 90% the paper is not your enemy it is your friend when you touch the paper already your friend if you don’t touch the paper that is the problem invigilator you are the enemy of the students you’re the father the teacher and you are to guide", Urbano tells students.
Urbano advices candidates not to panic but concentrate on the questions on examination paper and try to answer each of them.
Imatong state governor, Tobiolo Alberio Oromo advices candidates not to rush when dealing with questions. “The success of any student relay on the commitment and interest in studies”, he adds.
"Your success will not come from somewhere it has been your hard work that will bring you to success a good understanding and listening is your success your commitment for studies you have been making all practice on your books and that is going to be your success one of the thing is on my observation i have seen there are many students who are going to pass i also saw there are some few who are going to struggle but we will  pray for you if you do it well and then your dreams your vision will be achieve because of the paper you love", Alberio advices.
Governor Tobiolo urges candidates of Imotong state to struggle for the best position country wide 
Nine hundred and sixty three candidates are sitting for examinations in Imatong state this year. 

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