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Radio Emmanuel
Tuesday, February 13, 2018 - 16:33
The apostolic administrator of the Catholic diocese of Torit says demonstrating against Arms embargo is meaningless with the ongoing peace process in Addis Ababa 
Monsignor Thomas Oliha is calling on citizens to put more effort in the ongoing peace process than diverting the attention towards another issue. Radio Emmanuel reports
"The demonstrations that are going on now in this country on the embargo of America [Arms embargo], I think it is a destruction. A destruction from the real thing. The reality is peace. There in Addis Ababa, the whole world is there the whole world including USA are to make peace in our country it will be really unfortunate if we have to buy the hand of someone who gives us food. So, we want to concentrate on peace not on any demonstration or violence of any kind. Yes, one is free to demonstrate but unfortunately, in this context of our own peace in South Sudan, I don’t think it is really necessary" he explains
Meanwhile in the other related development apostolic administrator is urging Church leaders to work hand in hand with those in authority in order to achieve durable peace in the country
Monsignor Oliha discourages the ongoing violence in the country which he says will not come to an end if civilians are still possessing guns.
"We want to stand for the peace that is going on right now in Addis Ababa and that is our own concentration now and we are supported it very much and that is our prayer that those who are in this meeting for peace, may be really compromise, may have that good spirit that friendly spirit and that at the end of all the talks, we may reach peace. So that is our concentration. That is the concentration. I think the church needs. We do not need any violence anymore. Any violence weather by gun or what or by what or so on, we do not accept this" Mossignor adds
The Monsignor, urges people of South Sudan to continue supporting the peace process with prayers.

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