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Radio Emmanuel
Tuesday, February 13, 2018 - 16:23
Local chiefs in Torit County of Imatong state say South Sudan, as a sovereign nation, has a right to sell and acquire arms to defend its territory.
The statement was made on Friday during a peaceful demonstration that was organized by chiefs and citizens in Torit County Imotong state protesting against USA arms restriction to South Sudan.
In a letter seen by Radio Emmanuel in Torit, the paramount chief Enriko Jacob reads the content of the letter.
“The republic of South Sudan as a sovereign country has a right to sell, import and acquire arms for fulfilling her constitution mandated to protect her territorial integrity and defend her people from various aggression like any other country in the world”, the letter reads
Enriko calls on the USA government to respect the territorial integrity of South Sudan and revoke the statement of arms restriction.He adds.
"We therefore call upon united states of America government to immediately withdraw and review decision and respect territorial integrity of the republic of South Sudan." chief Ericko adds.
Torit resident who preferred to be named as Itutu and have her voice recorded says, she was instructed to march towards UNMISS compound on Friday or else their salaries will be conficcated. “That is why I am here” she adds.
"Anyway I just came because of this reason, yesterday, when we were in the office, they were saying all people should march to UNMISS. Anyway, they just said let us go to UNMSS. They said anyone who does not come here [March to UNMISS], will not receive salary. So we decided to go [March to UNMISS Compound]".
Like Itutu, many citizens in Torit say they don’t know the meaning of demonstration and how it will help solve the situation in South Sudan.
The Imotong State government officials decline to speak to Radio Emmanuel when asked about who are the organizers of the demonstrations.

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