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Saturday, February 10, 2018 - 09:06
Inmates at Tambura State Central Prison on Wednesday urge the State government to speed up the process of establishing a High Court in the State.
Most inmates who spoke to the media complained that they have overstayed in custody without any trial. Anisa Radio reports 
Fatima Juma Baziangungu who was arrested for murdering her husband says that she has stayed in the prison for almost one year and a half and is yet to appear before the court.
Juma calls on all married couples to desist from domestic violence and resort to solving family problems peacefully.
Luis Daniel another inmate in the same prisons says he was arrested and put in prison for more than six months now. He says the absence of High Court in the State is hard for him to access justice.
Col Dominic Bazia the Acting Director for the Prison Service confirms that currently Tambura State Central Prison is hosting more than 50 inmates and 4 of them are women.
He says that this people were arrested and detained on several accounts of crimes and are waiting for trials in a High Court.
Early last year, the government of Tambura State promised to establish High Court and bring a lawyer to the State to help the people of Tambura State to easily access to justice.

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