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Radio Voice of Hope
Saturday, January 13, 2018 - 12:46
Citizens in Wau town say the prices of basic food commodities after Christmas have gone high and some families are not able to afford to buy.
Speaking to Voice of Hope Radio in Wau on Friday, some citizens say food commodities such Sugar, Flour and Oil have increased significantly. 
Here are some voices of women in Wau town expressing their opinion about the prices.
Traders say the increase is due to the high prices from the imported counties in addition to taxes collected by many checkpoints as they try to bring goods to the town.
They called on the authorities to resolve the issue so as to enable citizens afford and provide their families.
Wol Charles Aleu, the head of the trade chamber in Wau admits that the inflation of South Sudanese Pounds against foreign currency have contributed to the high prices in the market. He says there is a high demand for hard currency in imported courtiers which automatically affect the prices as well.
A bag of Sugar which used to be sold at 7.000 ssp is now sold at 7.500ssp. And a jerry can of cooking oil is now sold at 5.300ssp.

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