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Radio Emmanuel
Friday, December 15, 2017 - 14:57
Torit Day Secondary School defeated Dr John Garang Secondary in Torit in a debate competition.
Radio Emmanuel says the winner was supporting the motion which says: “Early marriage should be abolished”.
Oromo Jimmy Cornelio, Chief Judge of the debate, declares that Torit Day scored 1016 points while Dr John Garang got 1013 points.
Don not lose hope, but rather work hard as every competition has a winner and a looser, John Sebit, Imotong State Director-General of Gender, Child and Social Welfare encourages the students.
Monica Ajwok, Health Link Officer and the organizer of the debate, says involvement of students in debate on the motion is because they are the victims of the act.
She says having students discussing the motion will enhance their understanding on the dangers of early and forced marriages in the society.
Once youth are enlightened on effects of early and forced marriages, they will be able to share the information as they advocate for their right, the officer believes.
Ajwok tells parents to know that girls and boys have the same rights to go to school and study until their correct time for marriage.
The debate between the two secondary schools was conducted at Torit last Friday.

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