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Radio Voice of Hope
Thursday, December 7, 2017 - 08:45
Wau Ministry of Health in partnership with Malaria Consortium launched malaria survey campaign on Wednesday in Wau targeting households in the state.
Director-General of the ministry Christopher Paul Madut says the survey follows two weeks training on malaria indicators, Radio Voice of Hope reports.
Dr Paul mentions that is really important for the state ministry to know who are at high risk of malaria for good planning purposes.
He clarifies that during the survey that report will show how many people visit hospital due to malaria cases.
Dr Christopher calls upon families to cooperate with the people in the field for the successes of the campaign.
The surveyors of the campaign that will last for two weeks will move from house to house in all Payams and Bomas of former Counties of Jur River, Wau and Raja.

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