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Radio Don Bosco
Wednesday, December 6, 2017 - 14:10
Peace campaign organized by Tonj East counties started on Friday in Tonj State, says Chairperson of Tonj East Students Union.
Joseph Ajong Magong affirms the readiness of the community in responding to peace and reconciliation, Radio Don Bosco reports.
He believes in the spirit of oneness and love in promoting national development.
Another youth Moses Majok Dhur expresses his gratitude to the community for accepting peace from their hearts.
He also appreciates women for supporting the peace process in their communities.
Athieng Manyuon Maluak, women representative, articulates their readiness in bringing peace to their state.
She points out that poor roads and limited water sources are the major problems facing the community.
The speakers cite ignorance, theft and robberies as causes of conflicts among the youth.
Tonj East communities enjoin relatively peace since the formation of this team in 2015.

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