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Radio Emmanuel
Wednesday, December 6, 2017 - 08:26
The Parish Priest of Sts Peter and Paul in the Catholic Diocese of Torit advises Christians to prepare themselves to receive Jesus Christ in their hearts during Christmas festival.
Radio Emmanuel quoted Father Jackino Lomogo telling Christians to fully spend their time in serving God so as to receive Jesus Christ in their lives.
Being clean on earth is the way to God’s kingdom, he stresses.
The Parish Priest explains that the coming of Jesus on earth is to safe mankind from sins.
He urges Christians to own Jesus, the son of God in their daily lives.
Father Lomogo advises the faithful to do well to one another and be attentive to the word of God.
He further asks Christians to stay away from wrong doings.
The Parish Priest was preaching to the congregation of Sts Peter and Paul in Torit on Sunday.

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