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Radio Anisa
Monday, December 4, 2017 - 16:04
Local Government Ministers of Gbudue and Gok have agreed to regulate the movement and cattle business between the two sisterly states.
During the Governors’ inter-states forum in Yambio the delegate from Gok State had sideline meeting with their counterparts in Gbudue State, Radio Anisa reports.
Jackson Ezekiel Bugua, Minister of Local Government of Gbudue State says they discussed how cattle from Gok should enter to Gbudue and know those bringing cattle.
He confirms that the government has agreed that only a certain number of cattle should enter Gbudue State.
The government of Gok State through official communication should notify its counterpart of Gbudue.
Isaac Mayom Malek, Gok State Local Government Minister, appeals for peaceful coexistence between communities of Gok State living in Yambio.
He confirms that no cattle will come from Gok to Gbudue State without his office issuing permit documents to those who want to come to sell cows in Gbudue.
Gok State Local Government Minister advises citizens of Gok living in Yambio to respect the law and behave like their brothers and sisters of the host community.
Malek reveals that any citizen of Gok State who will break the law of South Sudan living in Yambio should be taken to court and punishe like any other citizen without favor.
Cattle movement in Equatoria region has been one of sources of conflict between cattle owners and farmers.
The Governor of Gbudue last month passed a local order permitting only 360 cattle to enter the state only for consumption.
The order said those bringing the cattle must surrender all their guns to the national security at the border.

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