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Radio Emmanuel
Wednesday, November 22, 2017 - 16:36
Torit Health Science Institute has given pregnant students chances to continue with their studies.
Previously the institute does not allow pregnancy for better performance, but now they are left to follow their dreams, Radio Emmanuel reports.
Roselyn Atieno Reyo says the pregnant students should report within the first three months so that the administration does not consider it misconduct.
Lidia Ngei, another tutor, reveals the rule was later changed to favor female students.
There are protective materials used by laboratory students that protect them from effects of reagent and are well protected even when pregnant, the tutor explains.
Becky Roger Bortel, a pregnant student, appreciates the current change in rules because it will enable her to follow her career.
Allowing pregnant students to continue studying health sciences will enable female medical students successfully complete their careers.

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