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Monday, November 13, 2017 - 09:23
The Parish priest of Our Lady of Holy Parish in the Catholic Diocese of Torit condemns all forms of killing in Torit, Imotong State.
Fr Noel Ogwagu while responding to the continuous killing in Torit town expresses Church sadness over the rampant killing in the capital, Radio Emmanuel reports.
All types of killing are against the teaching of the Church and the will of God, he stresses.
He adds that the Church has never justified any form of killing which comes from all directions.
Fr Ogwagu calls on the warring parties to ceasefire and embrace peace through dialogue.
The Parish Priest admits that South Sudanese are deeply traumatized due to the current crisis the country is undergoing; making a hungry man is an angry man.
For South Sudanese to attain peace and development, they should stop killing one another because the practice paralyzes the country, Fr Ogwagu cautions.
The priest advises citizens to stop killing one another and look for peaceful approach of resolving issues
He says the church will continue working for peace in Imotong State
Torit town of Imotong State has lost five people last week.
The parish priest made the remarks while talking to Radio Emmanuel on Friday in Torit

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