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Monday, October 23, 2017 - 16:15
Floods resulting from heavy rains destroyed 14 thousand houses including government institutions in many parts of Boma State, says head of Relief and Rehabilitation Commission.
Nyingi-Nga Kiru says many people are now living in open places in need of food, shelter and medicines.
He describes the situation of people as worse and disastrous.
Kiru says thousands of civilians around Pibor town who reside near the river have been displaced and they are in a bad humanitarian situation.
He cautions that the situation may cause outbreak of common diseases soon if not rescued.
Kiru says his office with the help of other local NGOs carried an assessment and found that 14 schools are now full of water making it difficult for students to attend their classes.
He reveals that more than 15 thousand hand pumps are inaccessible and 319 shops have been destroyed in the main Pibor town market.
Kiru calls on UN agencies and the national government to quickly intervene and rescue the situation of the affected communities.

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