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Radio Anisa
Monday, October 23, 2017 - 09:42
The government and citizens of Tombura scheduled to conduct first agriculture-show in the first year of its establishment.
Next month there will be a big exhibition in the state where citizens will display and sell products of their farms, John Sakpio Minister of Agriculture and Forestry confirms to Radio Anisa.
He invites people from all parts of South Sudan to go to Tombura to attend and buy variety of food crops during the show in the state.
Sakpio adds that there have been good yields and harvest this year in Tombura.
He mentions poor roads networks as the main challenge facing farmers in the state.
Ezo-Rii-Yubu to Tombura and Nagero-Tombura roads are very difficult and poor, Sakpio reveals.
The minister urges people to embark seriously on agriculture to produce their own and feed.

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