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Radio Anisa
Monday, October 16, 2017 - 17:19
Some citizens in Ezo County of Tombura State say publicly that they will forgive those who wronged them during the previous insecurity which affected their area a year ago.
Charles Suwari Mihiniparo confirms to Anisa FM Radio, he was shot at his back and the bullet appeared on his chest and was almost to die.
He says because of God’s word being preached in the Church every day he has vowed to forgive all those who shot him even he cannot take them to court because the word of God has touched his heart.
Suwari testifies that the Catholic Church in Ezo County has demonstrated a true love of God to citizens without discrimination when they were in difficult situation for more than two years.
He reveals that by then after what happened to him he was aiming to leave Ezo and go to other place but the Church has reached them by providing training on trauma healing which has relieved worries.
Nangbaima Gloria Joseph another Ezo citizen appreciates the Catholic Diocese of Tombura-Yambio who continues helping them discover love of God at bad moments.
Fr Abraham Abayo Director of Truama Healing and Counseling says many citizens in Ezo have spoken out serious issues that have affected them.
Fr Abayo reveals that South Sudanese need to be counseled very well because of the traumatic events they have experiences due to the insecurity in the Country.

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