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Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 16:47
The Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Committee says revitalization of 2015 peace deal is not like football match where one side wins and the other fails, but it is a process of dialogue or discussion to understand where the blockages to peace are.
Richard Bailey, Communication Director and Spokesperson for JMEC says revitalization is to bring the warring parties together to talk and deliver peace and development to South Sudanese.
He hopes the revitalization will bring people together in a forum around the table to talk about key issues that obstruct the implementation of the August peace deal.
Bailey observes that the warring parties have not fully implement or cover the provisions in the peace agreement but little progress has been made.
The JMEC official says there cannot be a military solution to South Sudan but he believes the only solution is though a genuine political will.
Bailey calls on South Sudanese to stop fighting and resist individuals who encourage them to fight each other.
He observes that the time has come for reconciliation among South Sudanese and work together to bring the kind of change they desire.

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