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Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 16:44
Girls’ Education South Sudan team leader warns that the country will not move forward if leaders do not invest in girls through education to make them productive citizens.
Akuja Mading De Garang while speaking to CRN during the International Girl Child day says it is important to mark the day to remind people to invest in girls.
She says GESS has launched a film in Juba to mark the International Girl Child day produced by some girls.
Mading says the film outlines the challenges facing girls, including at homes as some parents marry off their daughters and the violence where many people have been displaced.
She says everybody should put more efforts on girls’ education so that South Sudan can develop.
Mading calls on policy and decision makers to keep their promise and allocate sufficient budget for education.
She also advises the public to think of innovative ways on how to support their children at school.
Mading calls on the government to invest enough of its resources in education sector but not to rely on donors.
Sarah Christos Diocesan Model Secondary School encourages dropout girls to return to school.
She calls on parents to put more effort to support and advise their children to continue with their studies.
Joy Tito Samuel, Juba Diocesan Model Secondary School accuses parents of minding less about girl’s education.

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