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Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 10:13
Numbers of girls in former Western Equatoria region have express their happiness for their parents for paying their school fees to allow them continue with their studies.
While commemorating the International Day of the Girl Child, some girls took the opportunity to encourage their fellows’ girls not to give up on their education. Anisa Radio reports.
Sharon Sabila, one of the students from Yabongo Senior Secondary School expresses excitement because her parents are able to pay her school fees.
Faida Joice Tambua from ECS Secondary School in Yambio urges girls not to give up in education even if in unavoidable circumstances.
Madelina Gabriel Ganun another Secondary student in Maridi State calls on the national government to bring durable peace so that children may have the chance to go to school.
Marline Benson Francis from Ibba Girls’ Boarding cites that some parents are not considering or giving equal opportunities for girls and boys to go to school.
Pia Philip Michael Gbudue State Minister of Education urges parents to take care of their children.
He urges parents to give enough time to their children to study to become good future leaders.

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