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Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - 09:42
Emeritus Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Torit is calling for creation of new parishes and chapels in the diocese to strengthen the Christians faith.
Addressing the Faithful on Sunday Bishop Taban admits that the spiritual life of Christians is depressing which he says need prayers.
Bishop says there is a need of taking Church to the grassroots to improve the life and faith of citizens.
He urges the Catholic Diocese to bring Catholic Missionaries from Across the World to proclaim the word of the God to South Sudanese. 
Emeritus Bishop directs government and Non government institutions to make use of Kuron Peace Village for dialogue.
He believes that it is only dialogue; that peace and development can be achieved in the Country.
Bishop reveals that the European Union is working hard to develop Kuron Peace Village as peace Centre.
Meanwhile South Sudan Deputy Minister for Justice, Hon Martinson Oturomoi, says the creation of Churches will unite people as one family.
He encourages citizens to maintain the spirit of togetherness amongst themselves
Officials made the remarks while addressing the congregation during the opening of a new Church of our Lady of Holy Parish in Torit.

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