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Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - 09:30
A clinical officer in Yambio County Health Department says people with mental disorder need special attention.
Nyora Beneral conforms that they have been receiving number of people with mental disorder in the clinic since the beginning of this year. Anisa Radio reports. 
He says most of the people received complained of no sleep at night and also issues related to families and diseases. 
The clinical officer describes mental health as a psychological calm in the brain that can be affected by negative treatment in the family or community.
Beneral mentions that those people found mostly with mental disorder are HIV/AIDS positive.
He suggests that there is a need for integration of the medical service that the healthl personnel can use to cure people with mental disorder and reduce the cases amongst the people.
He encourages people to treat others with respect so that they may not become mentally disordered.
The international mental health day is celebrated annually on the 10th of October to recognize efforts by the health personnel to reduce cases of mental disorder amongst people.

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